‘Cultivating Gratitude’ course from Church’s Ministry of Healing

The Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland has recorded a six-part video series, Cultivating Gratitude, which uses prayerful reflection and mindfulness practice to help us to find space to notice the good in our lives, even amidst our struggles.

From October 5, a video will be uploaded each week for six weeks, in which Lydia Monds, CMH:I Ministry Leader, shares a reflection and leads a meditative practice which invites you to slow down and notice God’s goodness.

Lydia says: “There’s a lovely sense of warmth and hope when we tend to the good in our lives, let our gratitude linger, and offer it to God, the source of all good things.”

These video sessions are available to you whenever you have some time in your week – no need to be free on a set day at a set time. Once you sign up via Eventbrite, making a donation to support the work of CMH:I, you will receive a weekly email with the link to the new session, and you will have permanent access to all the sessions so you can practice as often as you like.

Sign up at: Cultivating Gratitude Series Tickets, Thu 5 Oct 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite .

The sessions are: Week 1: A Wider Lens; Week 2: Savouring the Good; Week 3: The Widening Circles of Connection; Week 4: Making Room for Ritual; Week 5: Our Deepest Longings; Week 6: Gratitude for Nature.

If you need help signing up, or have any questions, contact lydia@ministryofhealing.ie