Mindset Awareness Programme for 4-11 years (Northern Ireland)



The Action Mental Health (AMH) MensSana team present Mindset – a Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing Awareness Programme.

Programmes will be delivered in all youth and community settings across all Trust areas for groups of 8 – 20 people.

Mindset aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge and understanding of Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing, to raise awareness of signs and symptoms of mental ill health, promote self-help techniques and self-care and share information and/or resources on mental health support organisations available (locally and regionally).

For more details or to register your interest in one of their programmes please contact the AMH MensSana team: menssana@amh.org.uk or amhmenssanani@amh.org.uk.

Kintsugi Hope

Kintsugi Hope’s vision is to see a world where mental and emotional health is accepted and understood, with safe and supportive communities for everyone to grow and flourish. ‘Kintsugi’ (literally ‘golden joinery’) is a Japanese technique for repairing pottery with seams of gold. This repairs the brokenness in a way that makes the object more beautiful than it was prior to being broken. Instead of hiding the scars it makes a feature of them. God does the same with us – he remodels us into something more rare and beautiful because of (not in spite of) our flaws and broken parts. Understanding this and opening up about our own struggles, helps other people feel less alone in theirs, and able to heal and grow.


Kintsugi Hope’s church wellbeing groups can provide a safe space where it’s ok to say you’re struggling.

Kintsugi Hope wants to support churches to become mental health friendly spaces for the broken and hurting.

Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups are for anyone who has been or is overwhelmed – which can happen to anyone! Our groups provide community, friendship, self-management tools and reassurance that it’s OK to be struggling, but not OK to stay struggling. 


We aim to give people: 

• Safety and support where there is no shame and embarrassment in struggling

• An increase in self-worth, confidence, and wellbeing

• A deeper understanding of the reality of God’s love

• Clear pathways to receive additional support if needed (signposting). 

Kintsugi Hope

These wheels were made for pushing

Simon Malley, a parishioner from Naas Union of Parishes, has contacted us regarding a sponsored wheelchair Push Challenge that he is participating in on June 1st in order to raise funds for Aware, who are working in partnership with MindMatters COI.

Simon has a fundraising page https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/11435750_simon-malley-s-fundraising-page.html, and also a  Facebook group ‘These Wheels Were Made for Pushing 2022’  https://www.facebook.com/groups/281220044090881 for anyone looking to support, or follow his challenge.

Your support is very much appreciated.

“A Big Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far I really appreciate it. Keep Smiling Keep Shining”

Mental Health Awareness training

Bookings now open for Mental Health Awareness training

 About this training

 By the end of the session learners will:

  • Understand the meaning of mental health/mental ill health
  • Identify the most common mental health conditions, their symptoms, and their risk factors
  • Know how to sustain good mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Understand what it means to be resilient and why it is important
  • Understand relevant resources available in NI & ROI

Online information will be forwarded to your email address provided following successful registration. We look forward to having you in attendance.

Book now: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/action-mental-health-46007684083

Seed Funding Application Form

Applications for seed funding are now open.

This phase of the project will provide financial support for local mental health promotion initiatives which will address one/all the themes outlined above. Applications are now open and to apply an application form must be completed. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, 29th July 2022. It is envisaged that funding will be available from early autumn 2022.

Online application forms are available here, or you may request a form by email us at MHP@rcbdub.org

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Mental Health Ireland will be running a free online workshop via zoom for the Five Ways to Wellbeing on Thursday, 28th April, @ 10am – 12noon.

Register your place at this link ➡️ https://bit.ly/36qC5pF

Belleek Pottery launch a special mug to support Action Mental Health

Looking for ways to raise much needed funds for this amazing charity, Belleek Pottery and Action Mental Health launched a design competition in 2021 to allow AMH Clients to express their mental health issues through art. The aim was to design a decal that will be applied and fired onto a Belleek Mug. Many beautiful entries were received and after careful consideration from the selection panel, including guest judge, artist and designer Terry Bradley, Zoe’s Rainbow Mug was selected to go into production and offered for sale with 20% of the proceeds of the Rainbow Mug will go to Action Mental Health.

The winner, Zoe, described her design;

‘I made this design on my tablet because I was inspired by the theme of HOPE. When I think of hope, I think of rainbows which are a lovely symbol for healing and recovery. I have struggled with Mental Health issues from a young age and the most important thing I have learnt on my journey is that healing is not linear. For me and many others healing is an everyday process, some days are much harder than others. Drawing and connecting with others at AMH has helped me rediscover HOPE. We have survived the most difficult days. You will be okay.’

Guest judge, Terry Bradley commented: ‘Zoe’s description of how healing is not linear perfectly fits her quote of ‘You will be ok’. Terry also told us: ‘This is honest and makes you smile. It is a positive affirmation during times when anyone is struggling and the rainbow and bright image acts as a reminder of the beautiful things in life.’

The Rainbow Mug is now available to purchase at Belleek Pottery, all Belleek Living Stores and www.belleek.com.

To purchase your mug(s) – click here or call into your local Belleek Living Store.

World Health Day

7 April is World Health Day

It is celebrated annually and each year draws attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

The date of 7 April marks the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948.

This year, the WHO is focusing on fostering a movement to create societies focused on wellbeing. Find out more.

World Bipolar Day 2022

Wednesday 30th March will mark World Bipolar Day 2022.


Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition which can affect thinking, energy, feelings and behaviour. Bipolar disorder can have a profound impact on every aspect of a person’s life, affecting their relationships, family and work life.  A correct diagnosis is essential for successful treatment and no one should have to suffer this alone.  One can lead a healthy and productive life once the illness is effectively treated.

Bipolar disorder is characterised by periods of low (depressed) or high (elated) mood separated by periods of normal mood.

Aware and Aware NI are charities in Ireland that provides free support, education and information services to those impacted by anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and related mood conditions.  Their websites have a number of useful resources available for anyone who experiences Bipolar Disorder, as well as their loved ones.  These resources are available at World Bipolar Day 2021 – Depression Support – Aware” and Aware NI – Home (aware-ni.org)

Please see the Irish Times article, linked below, published on Monday 10 January 2022, regarding our survey.

Stigma main obstacle to seeking help for mental illness issues – Survey